Full Ranger Speaker Review – The Little Speaker That Could

February 23, 2014 2 min read

Started By joessportster, Feb 23 2014 07:53 AM I recently acquired Justins  design prototype For his Full Ranger speaker at, Mine differs from the version he is now selling on his website in that mine is a little bigger and ported, His finished design is transmission line cabinet, which in theory should make it even better than mine. I also want to restate Justin is one of the finest people I have met, If you order from Justin you can expect outstanding service and impeccable shipping / packing took me an hour to unpack the speakers and the amp, and I […]

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Ampsandsound SE-84 My Impressions

February 22, 2014 3 min read

Started By joessportster, Feb 22 2014 01:14 PM First off I want to start with a summary of my experience dealing with Justin of, Through hundreds of audio deals on several sites I can honestly say I have never had a better experience.  Justin is far and away one of the most thoughtful and genuine people i have met in this hobby or anywhere else for that matter. He not only cares more about music and how his products perform than he seems to care about money, He also shows great compassion for the people he meets, which is a rare […]

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Stereo 15 From AmpsAndSound

February 04, 2014 1 min read

Started By jbsl, Feb 04 2014 07:56 PM Justin Weber from Amps and sound gave me a discount on a pre production model Stereo 15 he had and I have been enjoying it for the last 5 days now. I do not have a preamp so first I hooked my Oppo 103 up to the Stereo 15(ST 15) and used the volume control on the Oppo remote with very good results. Next I tried the passive preamp Justin provided with about the same results as the O 103. Finally I tried the pre out of my Denon 4800 with the best results. […]

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My New Tube Amp from ampsandsound

January 30, 2014 2 min read

Started By bracurrie, Jan 30 2014 04:52 PM My family thinks I have gone off the deep end. I believe I am too old for a mid-life crisis (although I am not low-T). I just bought another tube amplifier. That make five so far. Plus the loaner then its six. OK, OK I know there are few of you that have been through more but for me its a lot. I got a tip a while back from someone on the forum about Justin Weber and his fledgling enterprise making tube amplifiers called ampsandsound. The information from the web site with a […]

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Toying Around in the Shop

January 28, 2014 1 min read

Not all projects have a name. This was a one-off I did while toying around in the shop that now lives in a friends office.

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Two Stereo 15’s going out to customers!

January 26, 2014 1 min read

Here’s our Stereo 15 pre-production unit and first production unit going out to customers!

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Amps and Sound SE-84

January 21, 2014 8 min read

Started By DeanG, Jan 21 2014 11:31 PM: I enjoy my weekly call from Dave Harris since it always provides an opportunity for a good rant. This is cheap entertainment for Dave, and I’m pretty sure it’s the main reason he calls. Sometimes we’re forced to talk business, since we often share customers, and other times we actually talk about the things that make music sound better. “So, I’ve got this amp over here.” “What is it?” “A tube amp.” “I’m sick of tube amps.” “You might like this one.” “I like all tube amps, but I’m still sick of them.” “This […]

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The Power of Music

January 03, 2014 1 min read

Earlier this week on the way to work I received my third speeding ticket this year. Rather than blame the distance or my lack of time management. I’m choosing to lay sole blame on Paul Simon and his Graceland album. I have an incredibly large music collection but seem to really enjoy driving to 10 or 15 albums that I’ve ripped onto a jump drive to be played in my car. All three speeding tickets of occurred in San Diego County and listening to Graceland; obviously a bad combination! Driving home tonight at 12:45 in the morning on rocking out […]

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History of Ampsandsound

December 14, 2013 2 min read

To be honest it’s a massive distraction from my work life, which is why my wife allows for it. I work in 2 of the highest acuity settings for mental health and am a front line provider of mental health services. (The two setting are a prison in California and a large community hospital’s emergency department). Over the course of my life, I’d drink too much and worked too much and I find the latter to be a vastly more healthy behavior. The idea of Ampsandsound as a company is a way for me to not be continuously losing money […]

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December 01, 2013 2 min read

Hey there everyone! I wanted to bring some attention to the work I’ve being doing for the past 6 months. Ive been a bit more absent here, though have been moding and building at an even faster rate. At the gentle and not so gentle prodding of a few forum members I started an audio company. The support of the many DIY forums I’m a member of including Klipsch forum here has been instrumental in shaping both my technical understanding, values and principals I have sought in my love of music and attention to detail. I’ve only owned 3 true […]

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