Our Sound

Our house sound is fast, transparent and exceptionally dynamic, but never dry. We design with the intent for low distortion, purity of tone and musical involvement, and it is our ethos that musical involvement and being true-to-source are convergent ideas. Put simply, we want you to have your cake and eat it too.

We offer both an SET line and a Push-Pull line, which despite having a unifying characteristic in terms of parts selection and transformer tone, or lack thereof, will exhibit some differences. Our SET line will appeal to vintage enthusiasts and purists who favor high-efficiency speakers. Amplifiers like the Arch, Zion, Calypso, Black Pearl and Bryce will highlight the inherent characteristics of their selected output tubes, along with all the harmonic density and midrange texture that comes along with low or no-feedback designs. Horn and widebander aficionados need look no further.

Our Push-Pull amplifiers offer more power for those customers with harder to drive loudspeakers, or who wish for a more linear tonal profile. These amps are intended to be the last word in resolution, deep bass and absolute clarity. Both our Push-Pull and SET amplifiers are quiet enough to use with the most sensitive horn loudspeakers, so we tend to recommend them based on listener preference. For the amplifier purist, the SET amplifiers are the simplest, shortest paths to drive transducers. For the audio purist who desires the greatest linearity and dynamic grip, the Push-Pull amplifiers adhere more closely to the low distortion original circuits, but often with more advanced and overspecified power supplies.

Both of these design approaches inform each other: the SET amplifiers achieve wide bandwidth, low distortion and startling fidelity, likewise the Push-Pull amplifiers are musically involving  and sweet. Despite divergent use goals both are built without compromise to deliver exceptional tone and complete immersion in the musical experience.

If you are curious to hear ampsandsound’s amplifiers for yourself please get in contact with us or one of our authorized dealers to arrange a demonstration.