Stereo 17 - Little Nugget

The return of the ST15 is not of nostalgia but of evolution. The ST15 was one of ampsandsound’s most popular amps but was retired to give space for higher power designs. Over the years, we have grown to fully embrace metal chassis amps that are brutalist in design and overwhelming in structural rigidity. 

Our customers have come to love the laboratory grade implementation of our work and its intended long lifecycle. The new Stereo 17 was built with our 11gage steel plate chassis providing a compact and extraordinarily solid amp (39lbs). Its sheer density and warn EL84 sound beckoned the name “little nugget”.

The Little Nugget is meant to pair with the stereo pre and provide a no compromise entry into bespoke audio. With 17watts you can run nearly any speaker practically in most rooms. Fantastic pairings include JBL L100, KEF LS50, Tekton double impacts, Zu Dirty Weekend 6s, Klipsch Fortes, LS3/5a, Harbeth 30.1s.

The Stereo 17 (Little Nugget) is an EL84 ultra linear amp with 17 watts of tube bliss. 2 EL84 tubes in push-pull configuration per channel with 12AX7 for input and a 12AU7 for the phase splitter.  The Stereo 17 is based on the famous Halfer circuit with cathode bias allowing trouble free operation. 8ohm and 4ohm taps with 8ohm and 16ohm combination as an option. The circuit used is widely famed for its stability and liquid midrange. With fixed bias, tube rolling is a breeze. The removable tube cage protects your tubes when family and pets cant be trusted.

The Stereo 17 produces perfectly stable 17 watts RMS with 22watt peaks. The output transformers utilize massive cores which resist saturation and deliver jaw dropping low end performance. Like all ampsandsound amplifiers, it is dead quiet with reliable performance. When we say dead… we mean put your ear to the mouth of your horn-loaded system and all you will hear is silence!

Never leaving well enough alone, the Stereo 17 is for those who demand the very last degree of performance. We employ use of custom wound transformers made exclusively for ampsandsound. The power transformer is nearly twice, and size and weight/core as as needed in the unit to allow for real dynamic swings and true 200% duty cycles.


Specifications:Input impedance is 500Kohm, 1.6v for full power.

Noise is 2.8mV P-P 

Power is 17Watts RMS with peaks of 22Watts @ 1kHz 

10 Hz – 30kHz (-1db) @ 1Watt
18 Hz – 20kHz (-1db) @ 5Watts
26 Hz – 17Hz   (-1db) @ 10Watts

Power and Noise specs are dependent on tube selection.

Tube set included.

53lbs total shipped, 39lbs amp 25"x16"x10" packed in seahorse case. 

The all ampsandsound amps are handmade in Southern California with custom hand-wound output transformers and U.S. sourced parts.

Our amps are hand made by a small team with quality being our first priority.