The ampsandsound Rockwell brings the legendary Direct Heated Triode sound to personal audio. We chose the 6B4G as it stand tall next to other top shelf triodes while still being accessible in NOS form. Combining a single gain stage, zero feedback, and careful attention to grounding techniques, we can use a the Large 6B4G Triode with headphones without hum or noise. 

The 2022 Rockwell ushering in use of Hum Pots, variable input transformers and our huge custom output transformers. Input transformers provide step from 1v:2v or can be requested 4v:2v.

The Rockwell Rev2 has brought the first major redesign to our circuit ushering in the use of 12AX7/12AU7 family tubes for the input. The move to 9pin front end tubes has been a shift across nearly all ampsandsound amps starting in 2021. The move was meant to expand availability of NOS offerings and shift to a quite tube architecture. Moving to the 9pin input dropped noise floor and increased bandwidth and power. 

The Rockwell tube amp pairs a 12AX7 tube for the front end with tube rectification enabling excellent transient peeks, faster/livelier presentation, and ultra-quite operation. The Rockwell uses direct-heated triodes with zero feedback providing the classic single-ended sound so widely loved.

Typical of all ampsandsound amplifiers, the power supply is massive. This, combined with a generous choke, yields our trademark low noise; less than 1.5mV at the idle, and stable output of 3 watts RMS into an 8ohm load and 2 watts into a 32ohm headphone. Frequency response is 12hz to 30hz at 1 watt, 1-dB. Carefully selected output iron reduces distortion and increases frequency response. And of course, we also use our 5% capacitors and 2% resistors.

The motivation of the Rockwell is to provide access to the wide availability of NOS tubes and give the warm mid-range bloom that is at the heart of single-ended direct-heated triode designs. Tube set included.

Wood Chassis dimensions:15.75" Wide x 9.75" Deep

Input sensitive: with 12AX7 input @ 1.2V P-P

Noise: @ 300ohm/HiZ      1.2mV RMS

Noise: @ 100ohm              1.1mV RMS

Noise: @ 32ohm                500mV RMS

Noise: @ 16ohm                450mV RMS

Noise: @ 8ohm LoZ         430mV RMS

Max Power @    8ohm    @ 5.2 watts RMS

Max Power @   32ohm   @ 4.5watts RMS

Ultra-wide bandwidth; 12hz to 22khz @ 1 watt -1db

Compatible with nearly every headphone.

Power and Noise specs are dependent on tube selection.

All ampsandsound amps are handmade in Southern California with custom hand-wound output transformers and U.S. sourced parts.

Our amps are hand made by a small team with quality being our first priority.