Step Up Transformer SUT

ampsandsound Step Up Transformer

Being a lover all things vinyl and moving to MC carts years ago, I discovered the importance of Step Up Transformers (SUTs). Pair most mid teir MC carts with a MM + SUT and you’ll have audio magic.

With custom-made transformers, CMQEE-3440AH are similar to other well known offerings. They simple sound like live music; Magical.

Our case works isn't fancy but built to be built proof and unassuming.

The SUTS used are constructed with superior laminations which are reserved over the years for devices requiring the lowest distortion and highest clarity. In fact these are the same laminations that are used in the top of the line transformers.  The SUT has two gain settings for maximum flexibility. 
Switchable for 1:18 (about 24dB), or 1:9 (about 12dB)

For a fantastic pairing, consider Denon DL103/DL103R.