Welcome to ampsandsound where it is our mission to create engaging audio components that offer superior sound quality at prices that music lovers can afford. Our focus is on amplifiers and loudspeakers. Our products utilize proven theories, solid engineering, and quality manufacturing here in the United States.

Our goal is to make better sound quality accessible.

Part selection matters deeply to us; we source only the highest quality parts and design our products to offer genuine value, reliability, and the best possible sound quality. At ampsandsound, we strive to procure most of our world-class components from domestic suppliers, including our signature top plates, chassis, transformers, and PCBs.

Because we seek to build something worth passing down, we personally hand-assemble each one; making every amp and speaker a statement of our commitment to quality at a very reasonable price. Our design aesthetic is functional and sophisticated, right down to the hand-finished solid wood cabinetry.

We designed our amplifiers for daily performance and longevity; if need be, they could be easily serviced 15 to 20 years from now. We employ three significant components; capacitors, resistors, and diodes. No silicone voltage regulators or integrated circuits to hot-rod our designs. We stand as a classic example of American craftsmanship and value. Our amplifiers are beautiful and simple, with a non-fatiguing sound that has been enjoyed by previous generations and will be equally enjoyed by those to come.

Music is meant to be a transformative experience, and our handmade audio components allow you to do just that.