Booster Box with XLR to RCA conversion

Fixed Gain Pre - Booster Box with XLR to RCA conversion

Although many Digital Audio Players and DACs claim 2volts RMS out, measurement of their sustained output shows them considerably less. By utilizing the Booster Box we are able to get the analog output of a DAC/DAP to true line levels with significant performance improvements as a result. 

Think of this as a full fledge preamp without the volume control. Gain is modest at 2.2 but in practical terms this means a 800mv output from a USB DAC is boosted to 2V and your tube headphone amp has the input with dynamic headphone. 

At ampsandound we try to build bespoke products that are purest in execution. As a result, all our headphone amps have volume control, the booster box is the perfect companion allowing Your amp to reach its fullest potential. 

Single ended, single gain stage tube amps love robust/hot front ends and digital sources rarely provide the voltage swing, this box is meant to solve this problem. 

In short, add your DAP or your entry level DAC and you'll be blown away but what's possible when coupled to a true analog pre. 

The circuit is simple, right out the NEC Op and manual, the magic comes from pairing a linear regulated PS and an over specified power transformer with great regulation. Rock solid power supply and modest gain equates to ultra-wide bandwidth and low noise floor. 

This version include input transformers for conversion from Bal XLR input to Single Ended Output while adding Fixed gain booster/pre… Gain of 2.2 (1V in XLR to 2.2V out RCA)