XLR to RCA Balanced Converter with Stepped Volume Control

We designed the XLR to RCA Black Box following feedback from customers pairing high-performance Balanced DAC's with their systems and encountering far too hot an output.

Understanding that most modern DAC's prefer to output in balanced mode. Rather than leaving this task to Opp amps, the Black box utilizes transformers to make the conversion.

The Black Box offloads conversion duties allowing the DAC to function in its native mode. This approach lowers the noise floor, improves the bass presentation, including attack, balance, and depth, while the midrange improves with greater separation and depth. Transformers aid in the reduction of sibilance and reduction of high-frequency hash.

While our traditional Black Box XLR to RCA box does a fantastic job at Balanced to Singled Ended conversion, it couldn't help with system matching. The goal of the attenuation is to adjust/modulate your incoming source signal to a level your system can make full use of. Instead of accepting 2V or even 4V for signal, you'll be able to reduce gain and better define your system's sweet spot and noise floor.