Zions Monos

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Zion Monos are in production. We will post-production pictures as soon as we get these amplifiers shot.

They are very closely based on the Harmon Kardon Citation V.

These are monoblock versions of the Citation V with tube rectification.

The amps are wired with turret board and point to point, just like the originals.

Chassis work is the area that consumed development. We wanted the most rigid robust chassis we could produce. As a result, the whole chassis is 12 gauge cold rolled steel. The amps include 2 mid braces. These not only allow for mounting of components but mechanically tie the top to the bottom plate. The chassis is rigid enough to be stood on without bending or deflection. The transformer's covers are of the same material and have a rib-plate to increase rigidity and allow for ease of mounting. All metalwork is powder-coated. Chassis and covers excluding parts are approx 25lbs per amp.

Transformers are one of the most special aspects of the amps.

We include input transformers for XLR to RCA conversion.

All transformers are 200% over spec'd... Filaments are spec'd at 8amps and Output Transformers are rated for 60 watts.

The bench report is fantastic, 32 watts RMS

Ultra-wide bandwidth; 4hz to 115khz @ 1 watt

                                    10hz to 110hz @ 10 watts

These amps are built in the same manner the original HK Citations were manufactured. They are over spec’d in every manner and intended to last a lifetime. Just like the originals, they are quite, true to source, incredible frequency extension. They feel much more powerful than their output in large measure to their low-frequency extension. The sonic signature is true to source with mid-range warmth. They convey all detail present to the source input.

These are 17x13 chassis and shipping in 2 large Pelican style cases.