Stereo Preamplifier

Stereo Preamp with 12db of gain (gain of 4) with MM Phono 

The overall design of the preamplifier is purest, with only the functions most needed in a pre and without the clutter or excessive labeling to become distracting.

We did not include a remote as it introduces complications, ads cost and creates new hurdles to overcome, most notably sourcing a good looking remote. 

The line stage strike a balance between detail and musicality with the drive that brings tube amps to life.

Phono stage is something lovely based on the CNC phono with 54db of gain. It has adjustable loading and more than enough gain for all MM carts. 


This pre is absolutely silent and ultra wide bandwidth.

3 inputs, 2 line level with RCAs, 1 MM Phono input, 2 outputs via RCAs.

The pre is smallish in form factor mean to integrating onto a desktop setup with ease. 

Aprox dimensions are 8" wide x 6" deep x 3" tall.