Justin Weber

As the founder and audiophile behind ampsandsound, Justin has loved music since adolescence remembering his parent’s Pioneer integrated with a Technics SL1200 and AR3 speakers. His parents were fans of all kinds of music, and insisted their children learn an instrument. As such, Justin played Clarinet and Tenor sax for 8+ years.


His strongest and most distinct memories with audio were listening to live music through The Wilshire Ebell Theatre and their chamber concert series. To this day, he still loves listening to classical music especially when played with a tube amp and horn loaded speakers.

Justin Weber’s first Hifi experience involved a venture with a close family friend to Shelly’s Stereo when they were still in Santa Monica to audition a replacement pair of Magnapan 3.2s. Justin has probably heard hundreds of hours on those Magies and they were his first loves. Like almost every audiophile, he started out building, breaking and modifying Dynaco amps and learning a ton along the way. Despite incredibly good solid state amps being made today, Justin is still drawn to the slow technology of tube amps. He’s had more than his fair share of vintage or rebuilt amps fail on him and has come to the conclusion that classic designs and new parts are the winning ticket.


Although tube amps need replicable parts in the way of tubes, they are still infinitely re-buildable and have shown enduring appeal. Justin believes we would be hard pressed to make such generic statements about a 10 year old solid state amp. For the last 8 years, he’s been building tube amp kits and countless speaker projects. Most of his speakers have centered on Klipsch designs. After owning a pair of La Scala’s, he was smitten. In the last 3 years, he’s built more than 30+ amps and 14 pairs of speakers. With ampsandsound, he decided to improve production quality and reduce build time by moving away from drilling chassis to having plates cut, allowing production to become uniform. Justin participates on many forums and can be found under justinsweber on the Klipsch forum and AudioKarma.

In his spare time, he works full time as a social worker specializing in both psychiatric and medical social work.

Justin Weber
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