The Calypso is the first of our stereo-chassis dedicated two-channel amplifiers, and continues ampsandsound’s nautical naming theme for stereo amplifiers, starting with the Nautilus, Red October and continuing with the Black Pearl. While Calypso was ampsandsound’s first stereo chassis two-channel amp, its build followed the core values of the monoblock Zions and Bryce very closely.

The Calypso follows the success of the Nautilus amplifier, and client’s requests for a two-channel centric amplifier in a similar form factor. Where the Nautilus is Class A, cathode biased and zero feedback delivering a sweet sounding 5-8watts. The Calypso remains Class A, but is wired in Tetrode with a hint of feedback. This subtle difference provides for more linearity, wide bandwidth, greater headroom, and increased dynamics. Where the Nautilus balanced personal audio with 2ch, the Calypso is solely focused on exceptional performance with speakers.

Inside the Calypso is ampsandsound’s fourth generation power supply, yielding an extremely quiet amplifier. Balancing massive current delivery with a silent amp was no mean feat and required extensive development, drawing on and exceeding ampsandsound’s headphone amplifiers. The Calypso is built like all of ampsandsound’s two-channel statement level amps, on heavily braced 12 gauge steel plate chassis. By using such a large and strong structure as our starting point, we were able to spec the biggest and heaviest transformers possible, as well as benefit from the mechanical damping such mass provides.

The Calypso is a true dual mono amp, with two separate amplifiers residing inside a single steel chassis. This means two oversized power transformers, two huge primary chokes, two secondary chokes, two mammoth output transformers and even two large input transformers, for ten pieces of iron in total. This became the standard for our later stereo chassis two-channel amplifiers such as the Black Pearl.

Calypso’s output transformers are completely custom allowing for greater improvements in total performance and reductions in distortion.  We at ampsandsound chose again to over spec the transformers rather than accept compromises.Each transformers IP is developed and owned by ampsandsound. We don’t just spec a custom choice but understand how these spec’s impact the sound and allow us to optimize the amplifier from transformer to circuit. Transformers are one of the most special aspects of the amps, second to their wiring. The input of Calypso utilizes input transformers for reduced noise floor, greater clarity, and sub-bass response, as well as XLR to RCA conversion.

For this statement amplifier, we paired the finest coupling caps, Jupiter copper foil in wax caps. The increase in micro-detail retrieval is remarkable. Wiring is impeccable and the parts selection is made without regard to cost. In total, the Calypso is 70lbs before packing.

The Calypso is a classic and decidedly prosaic design, as it employs turrets and point-to-point wiring & there is no silicone, ICs, or regulators. ampsandsound considers this a standard-bearer of purest audio with an American sensibility. The Calypso is built in a way few modern amplifiers are. This is not due to intrinsic inferiority, but rather it is impossible to rush and is incredibly expensive to produce. Some of the most familiar tube amps ever produced utilize this method, including McIntosh, HK, Leek, Quad, & Western Electric. These amplifiers demand to be played and built to last a lifetime.

The Calypso allows for a wide range of tubes, including 6l6gc through KT90s. KT150s. The tube complement form factor is spec’d as a matched pair of 6L6GC STR or KT88, a single 12AX7, and two 5AR4 or 5U4 rectifiers.

The Calypso utilizes a single-ended Class A operation with modest feedback to provide the essence of sound, strictly old-school. Tonality of a SET amp with the resolution of a modern push pull amplifier.

Bench report with 12AX7 inputs with 5ARA4 rectifiers and KT88's

Input sensitive: with 12AX7 input @ 990mV

Noise: @ 8ohm 720µV RMS

Max Power @ 8ohm is 10watts RMS with KT88s and 5AR4s

Bandwidth : 10hz to 50khz @ -1db @ 1watt


Black Texture base/Silver Texture cover.

Additional colors are possible as a special order... please call or email for details.


Power and Noise specs are dependent on tube selection.

Actual size is 14”deep, 18” wide and 8”tall. (70lbs)

Amp weighs in at 70lbs/100lbs shipped in a large Pelican style case.


All ampsandsound amps are handmade in Southern California with custom hand-wound output transformers and U.S. sourced parts.

Our amps are hand-made by a small team with quality being our first priority.

Additional colors are possible as a special order... please call or email for details.