Hudson 3way Speaker - 15" Woofer

The return of the Hudson marks ampsandsound’s pivot back to our roots. For more than 18 years, Justin of ampspandsound has been designing, refining and building horn-loaded speaker systems. The Hudson is Justin’s more proven design, balancing speed, scale, tone and intimacy.

The Hudson is a partial horn-loaded three-way loudspeaker system. Utilizing a direct radiating 15” woofer for low frequencies, and modern high-efficiency compression drivers mated to state-of-the-art horns which cover the all important midrange and highest frequencies, these big horn, small form loudspeakers offer the bass response, efficiency, dynamic capabilities, low distortion, and scale of much larger designs in a much smaller enclosure.

The Hudson began life as a design project which attempted to marry the virtues of direct radiating bass with the largest horns possible. Initially, the Hudson was a two-chassis design. After a great deal of testing, and experimentation with different cabinet designs, we were successful in our quest to create a true full-range speaker system operating from 34hz – 20khz in a single enclosure.

Its compact size makes it easier to install in most rooms and minimizes room interactions. The Hudson offers a delicate balance of scale, tonal accuracy, and rich detail in a design that will appeal to audiophiles who desire all of the positive attributes of horn-loaded designs but without the issues of size and room interaction that are inherent to many designs.

The loudspeaker features a sophisticated, hand-wired crossover network, which utilizes high-order filters, and large air-core inductors for low signal loss. If the heart of the Hudson is its horns and midrange, the crossover represents its cerebral cortex. ampsandsound spent countless hours on the crossover, to create a state-of-the-art design that minimizes frequency overlap, and achieves phase coherence and perfect time alignment. Our crossovers are hand-made and built to the same rigorous standards as our amplifiers and loudspeakers, utilizing Hyper-litz inductors and low Q capacitors.

Through countless iterations, one singular virtue of our crossovers has become clear; their ability to be adjustable makes system match not just possible but an expectation.

The Hudson’s bass section utilizes a 15″ woofer in a direct-radiating configuration that is front-ported to minimize interaction with front walls. Through the use of FFT analysis, ampsandsound has carefully built an inert cabinet that features strategic bracing and dampening. As a result, the Hudson is capable of high output with minimal excursion and greatly reduced levels of distortion over conventional designs.

The heart of the Hudson is its large CNC-cut midrange horn, which utilizes a hybrid elliptical tractrix flare, providing controlled horizontal dispersion and limiting vertical dispersion to reduce room interactions. The midrange horn is mated to a 2″ large-format midrange compression driver with a 3″ voice coil. The combination of a large, precision-made wood horn with a large throat and large midrange compression driver has resulted in a midrange that is tonally accurate, yet rich with detail. The midrange is smooth, fast-sounding, and easy to listen to for hours.

The tweeter combines a 1″ compression driver coupled to an elliptical tractrix horn providing exceptional polar responses without dips and peaks associated with other horn designs. The Hudson’s tweeter offers both great extension, detail, and a true sense of airiness; which allows the loudspeaker to create a large and deep soundstage even when placed close to the wall behind it.


Cabinet: 25W" X 15D" 36H" 

32W" X 22D" X 44H" Boxed 

Weight: 115lbs/per cabinet /130lbs per Boxed speaker boxed for shipping.  

Quoted Frequency Response: 34Hz – 20Khz -3db, 98db

Sensitivity: 98db 1W/1m, 200 watts/maximum power handling