The Power of Music

January 03, 2014 1 min read

Tickets Suck - The Power of Music
Earlier this week on the way to work I received my third speeding ticket this year. Rather than blame the distance or my lack of time management. I’m choosing to lay sole blame on Paul Simon and his Graceland album.

I have an incredibly large music collection but seem to really enjoy driving to 10 or 15 albums that I’ve ripped onto a jump drive to be played in my car.
All three speeding tickets of occurred in San Diego County and listening to Graceland; obviously a bad combination! Driving home tonight at 12:45 in the morning on rocking out to Graceland, I decided to turn it off. With the silence, I dropped the speed down a bit. Now that I’m back home and fiddling with a gremlin in my 1 of personal systems, Graceland is lulling me to sleep. Oh my music brethren, beware of the Power of Music i.e. Graceland or any other music that gets your moving!

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