At ampsandsound, we build horn-loaded loudspeakers because of the effortless manner in which they reproduce music. Well-designed horn loudspeakers offer a level of realism that other loudspeaker designs fail to mimic. Horn loudspeakers are fast, accurate, delicate, and reproduce music with both the intensity and delicacy that it requires.

Horn-loaded loudspeakers are more complex than a first glance would suggest; Driver selection, horn geometry, and crossover design are equally important factors which must be considered to maximize the strengths of the design. Both the Seneca and Hudson are big horns with a small form factor. They were designed to fit into most living spaces without dominating the room. We utilize modified elliptical tractrix midrange horns, which allow us to control vertical dispersion and reducing room interactions. The tractrix flare provides for solid imaging, while providing wide dispersion. Utilization of a direct radiating woofer is to provide visceral bass, yet taut low-frequency extension. The combination of large horns, big horns, and small cabinets is not a new concept, but what sets the Seneca and Hudson apart from other designs is the implementation of modern large horn geometry, cutting-edge crossover design and driver selection.

Our loudspeakers offer the dynamic capabilities and presence of much larger horns in a more room-friendly design that will not dominate the space, but rather enhance it with the music that it recreates.