December 01, 2013 2 min read

Justin WeberHey there everyone!
I wanted to bring some attention to the work I’ve being doing for the past 6 months. Ive been a bit more absent here, though have been moding and building at an even faster rate. At the gentle and not so gentle prodding of a few forum members I started an audio company. The support of the many DIY forums I’m a member of including Klipsch forum here has been instrumental in shaping both my technical understanding, values and principals I have sought in my love of music and attention to detail. I’ve only owned 3 true Klipsch products Gen I Heresy’s, Gen 1 Cornwalls and 1 industrial La Scala but have in love with the company the the ideas it embodies. What Klipsch heritage speakers have shown me is that horns allow for great sound with small power and that a good concept can is timeless regardless of the level of implementation.

How all this relates to my own company includes: 1: build American if at all possible. 2. I can build lower powered tube amps which provide a quality of sound that is truly meaningful at a price most can afford. 3. Always build as though your product will be passed down. Klipsch products are bought and sold and more impressively handed down. I don’t know that anyone who buys my amps or speakers will own them for life but I certainly hope they do. 4. The Cornscala is the everyman’s speaker. Though I don’t post my own version of “the secret sauce”, I’m happy to help others in the process of building or modifying Klipsch speakers. Klipsch is the embodiment of from mild to wild and I believe this forum represents the most active seekers of that dynamic. Hope you guys can give me a look. If there is any feedback please feel free to email or call me.

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