Rave review for Stereo 15 Sp. Edition

June 22, 2015 1 min read


Mark Shields Time for me to rave about the beauty pictured above, the Stereo 15. Gorgeous, rich, full, glowing sound bridging the whole spectrum. I can’t praise it enough. Its dynamics and power completely bely the 15 watt rating. It easily drove my huge room to reference volume levels without any distortion. It’s also somehow the quietest amp I think I’ve ever heard. No background noise at all. If I had to sum up this amp with one statement, I would say it embodies everything that true audio lovers adore about tubes. The sound is just incredibly rich and liquid. Yes, it really is that good. You’ve never heard brass sound like this, and a well recorded violin will almost bring you to tears, you know, if you’re that kind of guy. At the same time, big orchestras, drums, and guitars are conveyed with convincing power. I can’t recommend this amp highly enough. If you like tubes, you’ll love this, at a fraction of its comparable value. If you love tubes, you’ll be in heaven, for a relative pittance. Highest recommendation. Well done, Ampsandsound!

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