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June 14, 2015 1 min read

Stereo 15

We had a really wonderful time sharing Room 1311 with Chapman Audio Systems, DH Labs, VPI and Sonic Studios (Amarra).

The room sounded incredible, easily one of the giant killers. The feedback we received was 2 fold. From reviewers, they were thoroughly impressed with the performance and in love with our pricing. American sourced and made at a price that was in stark contrast to much of what was shown. There was considerable interest form dealers, but we were asked to raise prices and allow more room for margins. (Small independent Hifi can succeed but will likely be through direct sales.) Show goers were gob smacked by our pricing and felt something must be wrong. I was told repeatedly that I needed to raise the price as to not have people suspicious of our product.

As a result of the show, there have been some nice postings about us and we hope more will come about. The Stereo 15 Sp. edition has been sent out to Positive feedback for review and both the Stereo 15 Sp. and a pair of Casablancas are headed to newrecordday for review.

If you went to THE SHOW and heard our room we would love to include your feedback.
Used in the 2014 Show Newport


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