Mike Mercer hears Kenzie Headphone amp

November 22, 2015 1 min read

Mike Mercer was kind enough to listen to my Kenzie headphone amp with Mr. Speaker Ether C headphones. I’ve used Audezze LCDs before and loved, but the Ether C took out the room interaction and we so light and comfortable. If you need a reference headphone it might be the one. Mike had the volume 10:30 and the Ether Cs were jaw dropping. Headphones are truly a way to taste reference level sound without the need of big speakers or complex systems.

Never had some many good ears listening. They brought and left some great music, fun time by all.

@MikeMercer: This combo was so seductive: fluid, dynamic, vivid, totally immersive Thumbs up sign #AmpandSound https://t.co/uQ8C4Ktfjy




Kenzie Headphone Amp 2015


Kenzie Headphone Amp 2015

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