Listening Party

November 22, 2015 1 min read

I told Steve Lefkowicz about my headphone amp and the new Eliptrac 240s… He wanted to come hear and brought along some friends. Russ, Stratton, Steve Lefkowicz, and Mike Mercer. My 2 close friends join in to aid with setup. Andy Mawhinney, Art Acosta. My wife and daughter were out of town so setting up the whole house to audition was pretty amazing. After comparing my reference pair of Cornscalas to the pair getting ready to be shipped to NYC all agreed that the big boys were better in every respect. (I still love my pair more 🙂 ). The big Eliptrac 240 and BMS 4592 throws a huge immersive sound stage. ALK crossing over 300hz and 4500hz proved a wise choice giving the cornscalas a bass speed I haven’t heard before. Drinks, Chocolate, and beagles had by all. The system was thunderous with 3 watts of SE goodness. (Ken-Rad 6B4Gs). MBP and Pono as source.



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