Long term project completed

August 21, 2014 1 min read

I’ve always lusted after Industrial La Scalas. I bought a pair that were lovingly cared for but was reminded why I didn’t keep any if the La Scalas that have come home with me. The mid horn nearly caused blood to drop from my ear. Feeling more ambitious I called. I called up Dave from Fastlane audio and Al from ALK engineering, with the goal of turning the La Scala’s into two ways with serious fidelity. Out went the original crossovers, horns, and drivers. In their stead an Fastlane Eliptrac Trac 400 was stuffed into place. It was paired with a B&C 750 and ALK AP12-500. The original binding posts were reconditioned and wired with silver-plated Teflon and configured for the Klipsch style crossover. Tonight I spent the better part of three hours mounting the crossovers and sliding the Eliptracs and B&C 750s into the place. Lastly was configuring the crossover. Setting the tap on the autoformer, lIstening, and re-listening. The end result is one of the most accomplished horn loaded systems’ I’ve heard. Faster than a cornscala, with a larger soundstage; but lacking the same bass articulation. The Real magic is Dave’s horns, Al’s crossovers and modern 2 inch compression drivers.





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