Full Ranger Speaker Review – The Little Speaker That Could

February 23, 2014 2 min read

Started By joessportster, Feb 23 2014 07:53 AM


I recently acquired Justins  design prototype For his Full Ranger speaker at ampsandsound.com, Mine differs from the version he is now selling on his website in that mine is a little bigger and ported, His finished design is transmission line cabinet, which in theory should make it even better than mine.

I also want to restate Justin is one of the finest people I have met, If you order from Justin you can expect outstanding service and impeccable shipping / packing took me an hour to unpack the speakers and the amp, and I now have a huge roll of bubble wrap to reuse ( BONUS :D )


The speakers: HOLY COW this is only a 4″ driver, your ears will be deceived I can promise you that. Bass from this little guy is crazy good, Obviously its not shaking the floors but it is tight, deep, and balanced with good detail. Listening to SMV Thunder I was surprised at how well this 4″ driver handled it (A complicated bass album by three of the greatest bass players on the planet) It was easy to hear the different instruments, The speakers are so large sounding they tempt you to turn up the volume

( I did, and was reminded I’m listening to a small driver That’s not a bad thing it’s physics)

Mid range is detailed as well, with nice tone never harsh vocals are fleshed out very nicely. My hearing on open air speakers is not the greatest but i was able to hear some nice detail. I can not find anything bad to say about it and that’s good

The highs have great extension, and shimmer, again never harsh, alot of single drivers fall short on the high end this driver did not leave me feeling that way,

Overall this is an awesome Bookshelf speaker that easily out performed other small driver speakers I have heard owned, (one example the horn shop horn, a 4″ speaker I found unappealing and sold quickly) I feel these are as good a Speaker as you will find for the money.

My wife who has never offered up an opinion on anything I have ever bought in audio, chimed in last night “They are nice, I like them” (perhaps the Highest Praise of all) She also already has a plan for the speakers. She wants to use them as a 2.1 setup in the living room (We are not fans of HT 5.1,7.1 etc…) but till now sound mattered to ME, I guess it’s rubbing off on her :emotion-21:

Thank you ampsandsound, & Justin for a great little speaker Its a keeper.

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