My New Tube Amp from ampsandsound

January 30, 2014 2 min read

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My family thinks I have gone off the deep end. I believe I am too old for a mid-life crisis (although I am not low-T). I just bought another tube amplifier. That make five so far. Plus the loaner then its six. OK, OK I know there are few of you that have been through more but for me its a lot.

I got a tip a while back from someone on the forum about Justin Weber and his fledgling enterprise making tube amplifiers called ampsandsound. The information from the web site with a testimonial from Dave at Fastlane coupled with reasonable price got me to take the plunge and buy the Stereo 15 an EL84 ultra linear amp. The Manley GY50 was going to have to find another role. Justin took the deposit and offered the use of a single end amp called Little Ben.

The Little Ben was amazing. The soundstage and other single ended attributes I have heard about but never experienced, made me wonder if I really wanted the Stereo 15. Justin assured me that based on my conversation with him about my music tastes and listening style the Stereo 15 was still my best choice.

After just a couple of weeks waiting time the Stereo 15 arrived today. It looks nice and sounds great. I have only listened to about 20 minutes of EDM, rock and jazz so far and I would say that indeed I do like it better than the Little Ben, especially the rock and EDM. Sometimes I like it on the loud side and the amp seems to work effortlessly so far.

Attached are photos of the setup and amp. I do love the glow of tubes.

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