DIY Cornscala Review

June 09, 2014 2 min read

I only recently met Justin Weber through his company “Ampsandsound” and just completed a purchase on a beautiful set of speakers as an upgrade to my audio system. I really can’t say enough about how positive the experience was on multiple levels. First, with the huge advancements made over the past few years with respect to audio I had resigned myself to the purchase of a “name brand” set of speakers wherein current gear was compiled by the source (theoretically) with match and synergy. Just before pulling the trigger on a set I happened upon (by reference from a knowledgeable individual with whom I have a lot of trust) Justin and Ampsandsound.


What an eye-opening experience. Justin is a rare combination of technically savvy, detail driven and aesthetically creative. He crafts gear of the highest quality from the best sources (like ALK Engineering and Fast Lane Audio)  in accordance with the direction you want to go. Want pulse elevating sonics and soundstage? You got it. Want chest thumping base? No problem. Want an eye popping statement piece? He does some things that are prettier than anything I’ve ever seen. And he loves the warmth of tube driven amps – appreciates the Wow factor in unique hand crafted pieces. But here’s the kicker – Justin’s patient, open, and makes the journey fun along the way, with pricing that is easily and openly discussed and amazingly within budget (light years more gear for the same buck that any sort of marketed component might offer). I take that back – you can’t buy marketed gear that is on the same planet with Justin’s. Beautiful, beautiful stuff. Really the speakers I just purchased only scratch the surface in terms of the possibilities available through Justin.


The problem for me now is after seeing Ampsandsound’s possibilities I’m totally pumped up to upgrade my system even more. There are some amazingly beautiful, high level options that are now possible since I’ve met Justin.

– Pete Cox

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