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By “House Sound,” ampsandsound’s Justin Weber means the Black Pearl 300B-based stereo amplifier, the Yellowstone preamplifer, and the Hudson 3-way loudspeakers. A complete ampsandsound system.

The true dual mono Black Pearl is pictured up top, which employs a pair of directly heated 300B’s for 8 Watts of power into 8 Ohms.

From ampsandsound:

The 300B is loved for its lifelike vocal representation, sense of clarity and space. It is the ultimate Directed Heated Triode. The Black Pearl incorporates this famous tube in a circuit that traces its roots back designed directly for WE and refined by RCA, and updated with a modern 5751 type tube as the input stage, which is both fast and lively to match the 300B, and an easy choice for those wishing to roll input tubes. In using a streamlined circuit, the clarity and inherent sound of the 300B takes center stage. This tube is fast, detailed and pure sounding, and this comes through in spades with the Black Pearl.

The Yellowstone preamplifier uses new in-house made 400% overspecified custom transformers and other premium parts including Jupiter Condenser copper and beeswax capacitors throughout and ships with a selection of premium NOS tubes. A microprocessor controlled remote is included which runs on its own separate power supply.

Here’s ampsandsound again:

While the Yosemite is the consummate purist’s choice, the Yellowstone verges on the excessive. New in-house power transformers were designed from the ground up, using Tectronix Analog Oscilloscope transformers as a model. Tectronix Analog Scopes are among the most highly executed pieces of audio equipment ever made, and their transformers contribute in large part to their special characteristics. These transformers are legendary amongst true tube aficionados for several reasons, namely that they function as built-in regulators, removing DC, maintaining very low voltage variability and achieving extremely quiet noise figures. We have additionally made them 400% overspecified for the application and added double internal shielding to them.


And here’s the Hudson 3-way loudspeaker that combines a 15″ woofer with horn loaded high-efficiency compression drivers for the midrange and tweeter. The Hudson measures 3′ tall while offering a reported frequency response of 34Hz – 20Khz (-3db) and a 300B amp friendly 98db sensitivity (1W/1m).


Black Pearl (300B-based stereo amp): $18,000
Yellowstone (Preamplifer): $35,000
Hudson (3-way speaker): $18,000/pair

Here’s the press release from ampsandsound:

New House Sound Debuting at Axpona

Aliso Viejo, California: ampsandsound is thrilled to announce our new flagship sound, The Black Pearl (300b), Hudson (3-way speaker), and Yellowstone (Preamplifer) all showcased together to exemplify our House Sound. Following founder Justin Weber’s philosophy of quality above all else, our House Sound’s uniquely American sound personifies what it means to have your cake and eat it too.

Much like its namesake, the Black Pearl is made of the stuff of legends: the Western Electric 300B. The most famous audio tube ever made, and for good reason – it’s low distortion, clarity and purity of tone set it apart from even other triodes The Black Pearl is SET perfection, and it truly excels with music featuring a lot of inner detail or acoustic instruments.

The Hudson is a partial horn-loaded three-way loudspeaker system. These big horn, small form loudspeakers offer the bass response, efficiency, dynamic capabilities, low distortion, and scale of much larger designs in a much smaller enclosure.

The Yellowstone preamplifier is the newest and best example of ampsandsound’s work yet and showcases the fidelity and bandwidth possibilities with a tube preamplifier employing strictly turret board construction. The Yellowstone is the consummate purist’s choice.

If you wish to demo the Black Pearl, Hudson Speakers or Yellowstone, please contact us, or find us at Axpona room 550 where the preamplifiers will be making their world debut. Our Nautilus Headphone amp can also be heard with Audeze in the Ear Gear Expo, Booth 8200. One last surprise addition is the Little Nugget our yet unreleased 17watt Stereo EL84 based power amp.

Written by: Michael Lavorgna




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