Link Preamplifier

Step Up Transformer
The Link Preamplifier is meant to provide all the most necessary duties of a preamplifier while respecting the design goals of purist audio. The Link recognizes that any preamplifier should offer at minimum 2 inputs, firstly a fantastic phono stage to give your records the attention they deserve and secondly, access to modern DAC's through an active line stage with moderate gain.
The phono stage is an MM Opp amp based phono stage with passive RRIA correction and adjustable loading. The phono stage has its own DC power supply via (2) 9V rechargeable batteries for 200+ hours of use between charges. DC power supply ensures silent operation and reduces the potential for ground loops. The Link Preamplifier pairs use of Cinemag step-up transformers SUTS for low output Moving Coil compatibility. A switchable gain for the SUTs provides optimal gain for a wide variety of cartridges.
The Link provides MM via Opp amps and MC via SUTs; the best of both worlds. Following the phono section, the Link Preamplifier has a wide bandwidth Opp amp based line stage with a gain of 12 making it compatible with tube and solid state amps. The Link’s line stage is modular and fully discrete; with its own DC battery-based power supply. Frequency response is 6hz to 100Khz @ -1db. Gain is 12. The Link Preamplifier is ultra-quiet, with a wide bandwidth, and neutral in presentation without over emphases on high frequencies.