Kenzie Encore Headphone Amp

Like many of our products, the Kenzie Encore headphone amplifier/pre evolved from our earlier designs – in this case… it came from the feedback regarding the Kenzie Headphone amp. As well thought out as the Kenize was, we didn’t know the features that most resonated with the personal audio community.
To answer the call given, the Encore, grew in size and features while remaining true to the original Darling circuit.

The Encore is meant to provide the most basic of request; move the headphone jacks up front. By moving the headphone jacks, we were able to squeeze in 2 inputs and 1 variable out to be used as a preamp.

The Encore went from being a single ended triode without feedback to including a transformer coupled output cable of driving long cable runs without issue.
The Encore continues without a voltage network, and has more than enough power to drive even the most difficult headphones. With 32 ohms and 600-ohm output taps to allow use with the widest variety of headphones.

The Encore mutes the pre out function when headphones are introduced for a true monitoring experience. We have continued to use an ALPS volume pot to allow attenuation and simplify the signal path.

The Kenzie Encore is one of the sweetest-sounding headphone amplifiers on the market. The 1626 is commonly referred to as the “Poor Man’s 300B”. The Encore expands on this by bringing the same tonal balance and sonic signature to power amps in a 2ch system. By coupling the Encore as the pre, you can breath new life into SS powerhouse amps.

The heart of the Encore is the 1626 triode which is a WWII-era transmitter tube in radar installations. The design is shy on pure output, but offers layers of texture and drive. We have paired the 1626 power tubes with Custom transformer made specifically for use by a US partner. The Encore has had the choke which provides DC power filter increase form 1.5H to 8H with sonic dividends. The Output transformers are ½ of the magic in a Encore. The account for the wide and flat frequency response. The other ½ is the option of including input transformers. Input transformers help clean up incoming signals which may have sonic garbage and help to add definition and slam. The Encore can be optioned as a base model without input transformers or couple cap upgrades or with either of this upgrades selected. Each upgrade provides a tangible improvement to an already fantastic sound.

Supplied Tubes:
Input tube: 12SL7 or equivalent
Output tubes: 1626 or VT-137

Cathode Bias/automatic bias allows for easy tube changes without adjustment.
Compatible with 32 ohm-300 ohm headphones using the 32 ohm 1/4″ jack.
Headphones above 300 ohms will benefit from using the 600 ohm 1/4″ jack.

Headphones driven successfully or tested with the amp include, MrSpeakers Ethers, MrSpeakers Ether Cs, Audeze LCD-2.2F, Audeze LCD-XC, AKG240, AKG701, Sony MDRV6, Sennheiser HD650, Sennheiser HD800, Beyerdynamic T1-600 ohm, HIFIMAN HE400i, HIFIMAN HE-400, HE-400S, Grado Labs SR-60, RS1i

The Kenzie Encore is handmade in Southern California with U.S.-sourced parts and custom hand-wound output transformers.

Input impedance is 10K ohm with alps pot
Input Sensativity 680mV peek for full power out.
32ohm power: 230mWatts RMS @ 1khz
Frequency bandwidth 20hz -3db to 12khz -3db full power
Frequency bandwidth 20hz -3db to 18khz -3db @ 160mw output
Noise on 32ohm tapp @ 500uV

600ohm power: 326mWatts RMS @ 1khz
Frequency bandwidth 20hz -1db to 18khz -3db full power
Noise on 600ohm tapp @ 1.2mV

$1,995 with NOS tube set.

Kenzie Encore Headphone Amp
Kenzie Encore Headphone Amp
Kenzie Encore Headphone Amp
Kenzie Encore Headphone Amp
Kenzie Encore Headphone Amp - Inside

Kenzie Encore

Base Model Kenzie Encore Headphone Amp: $1,995

Deluxe Model Kenzie Encore Headphone Amp – With input transformers and upgraded coupling caps: $2,545