31 10, 2015

The completion of project Hulk

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Project Hulk has helped us rise to a new level of building… by far the most complex speaker we have tried, implementing a new crossover, increased structural demands on the cabinet and utilizing state of the art drives. The result is a sound stage that is hulking… The closest example I could give would be, imaging that you’re in a 100 person theater and in the 10th row… Sound stage and dynamic to scale. Anyone in the LA/OC are can come visit and give a critical listen for the next 12days before the speaker is readied for shipping.

27 10, 2015

Kenzie Headphone amp back from finishing and fully dressed

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Here is the new Kenzie Headphone amp. We’ve been asked to send two units to a good friends retail store to power a headphone station… super excited for the opportunity.





23 10, 2015

New smaller Headphone amp

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Honey I shrunk the Kenzie
Same great Single ended sound, imprpved componet layout allowed us to drink the size bay 30%. Yes its smaller than a coke can and can still power Planers. 32ohm and 600ohm tapps. Ive used extensively with LCD-2s and AGK702s.


23 10, 2015

Project Hulk – Conscala get bigger

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I believe its the 1st time the Eliptrac 240 horn is being used.

What we have here is the Crites Cornscala bin (additional bracing and some adjustments to the volume), paired with Kappa 15C. Baffles were done for use by Dave… CNC cutting at it finest. The Bass bins ride on a Base-plate with the caster bolted down. The Base-plate will be bolted to the bottom of the base bin. Will allow for easy movement.

Top Hats are Eliptrac 240 2” horn with BMS 4592ND-MID crossed at 300hz with an ALK ES300.
The HF is handled by the Dave’s Contrac […]

10 09, 2015

Happy Casablanca owner

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Justin –
My main listening / home theater rig starts with audio sources from either ripped flac files on my HTPC, TV programs, or Oppo BDP-105 (modified by Joe Rasmussen). The digital inputs go through the awesome Lampizator Level 4 Dac, then on to the McIntosh C2300 preamp. From there I have a choice of amps: McIntosh MC302, McIntosh MC275, McIntosh MC225 (restored by Yves Beauvais), and most recently, Justin’s beautiful Casablanca mono tube amps. The amps then drive outstanding world class Harbeth M30.1 speakers.
Let me just say that if it was a horse race between the 4 amps, it […]

10 09, 2015

Our 1st offical reivew. – Thank you newrecordday.com

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Super excited to see this. Many years of hard work, we were able to show our amps in their best light. Thank you Ron!
newrecordday.com review of ampsandsound


20 08, 2015

Decommissioned Cornscalas see new life

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These were decommissioned and the guts put into some single cabs… I couldnt stand for them to hangout in my garage and so off to my finisher they went. We took the opportunity to recreate them and go about improving our finish work. Additionally we took extra care in the voicing.

He really out did himself… came back super pretty.

Have some Pyle 2″ that sound great in 3way form and some the Dayton Polymides, Eminence Kappa 15Cs and getting some cornscalawals. Should be pretty cool.



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    New kind of Cornscala – Crites (Faital) 2way with ALK AP12-500

20 08, 2015

New kind of Cornscala – Crites (Faital) 2way with ALK AP12-500

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I was asked by a customer for a 2way and then he decided to go another route. I can never seem to leave surplus parts alone and went to trying out the new horns. Motor baords are from Bob Crites, Crossovers are ALK. I ran some numbers with Bassbox pro, and decided I could safely shrink the cab and so it go a haircut of ~1.5″. Ryan Moses built the cabs and did the bracing for the back panel. In hind sight we should have sealed the back panel. We installed thread certs which seems to have added some […]

22 06, 2015

Rave review for Stereo 15 Sp. Edition

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Mark Shields Time for me to rave about the beauty pictured above, the Stereo 15. Gorgeous, rich, full, glowing sound bridging the whole spectrum. I can’t praise it enough. Its dynamics and power completely bely the 15 watt rating. It easily drove my huge room to reference volume levels without any distortion. It’s also somehow the quietest amp I think I’ve ever heard. No background noise at all. If I had to sum up this amp with one statement, I would say it embodies everything that true audio lovers adore about […]

14 06, 2015

Links from THE SHOW 2015

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Stereo 15

We had a really wonderful time sharing Room 1311 with Chapman Audio Systems, DH Labs, VPI and Sonic Studios (Amarra).

The room sounded incredible, easily one of the giant killers. The feedback we received was 2 fold. From reviewers, they were thoroughly impressed with the performance and in love with our pricing. American sourced and made at a price that was in stark contrast to much of what was shown. There was considerable interest form dealers, but we were asked to raise prices and allow more room for margins. (Small independent […]